Top 3 mistakes people make in divorce

Couples often try to work things out for months, even years, before deciding to get divorced. However, no matter how long you have been preparing for the divorce, emotions can still get the best of you once the process begins. Here are a few of the mistakes you should avoid making during your divorce.

Sharing details of the divorce

When people are feeling sad or angry, they try to find ways to get their feelings out. As a result, they may send text messages or e-mails to their exes or friends and family or post on social media, sharing details about their divorce.

While venting may seem beneficial, your posts and messages can be used against you when it comes time to make decisions regarding alimony, property division, and child custody. For this reason, it is best to avoid posting:

  • Details about the breakup.
  • Incriminating photos/videos or a new relationship.
  • Financial information.
  • Defamatory comments about your ex.
  • Personal information or photos of your children.

Failing to properly track finances

Many people do not keep a careful record of all assets and debts. This can cause problems during your divorce. Your financial records are a key part of your divorces, particularly when it comes to property distribution. It is important to keep a careful account of your finances and gather and organize all important financial documents, including documents relating to bank accounts, retirement accounts, and property ownership.

Not seeing the big picture

The divorce process can be expensive and time-consuming. As a result, many people attempt to rush through the process as quickly as possible. However, not taking the time to carefully think about what the future will look like once you are divorced can cause long-term financial problems. You will need to make sure you can pay the bills and manage the household without your spouse there to contribute.

You should also consider consulting with a family law attorney in Indiana before you make any decisions relating to your divorce. Your attorney can help protect you throughout the divorce process.