Taking The Time To Answer Your Family Law Questions

Having practiced family law for years, I know that you probably have countless questions about the issues you face. At Smith Legal LLC in Hamilton County, I take pride in helping my clients understand family law and how it relates to their own lives. From the various regulations that will affect you to the step-by-step process of a legal matter, I can help you understand what you are facing. Here, I have answered some of the questions that my clients frequently ask me.


How much will my divorce cost?

Determining the exact cost of a dissolution action is not realistically possible. A number of factors must be considered in order to determine even an estimated range of costs, including attorney fees and court costs. Most dissolution actions involve services for drafting all initial pleadings; gathering information and documentation related to the parties’ assets, debts, income and expenses for children; and then drafting all settlement documentation, attending mediation and potentially participating in a contested final hearing.

The total cost for cases varies greatly depending on the number of disputes between the parties, the cooperation or lack thereof between the parties and their respective counsel, the number and character of their assets and debts, the involvement of experts and issues pertaining to children.

Smith Legal LLC via Scott Smith charges a minimum of $225 per hour and an initial advance fee of no less than $2,250 on all cases.


How long will my divorce take?

After the initial filing of a petition for dissolution of marriage, a court cannot grant the divorce for 60 days.

The time frame by which a divorce will be concluded, either by agreement or a contested hearing, cannot be determined. A number of factors impact the time it takes to complete a divorce, such as cooperation between the parties, the parties’ and attorneys’ schedules, the court’s calendar and much more.


Can we settle without going to court?

Absolutely. Smith Legal LLC has a track record of resolving over 90% of its cases without court intervention. Learn more about resolving a divorce out of court.


Do I really need a lawyer?

Absolutely. Any individual or business facing a legal issue should, in good judgment, retain counsel. Even seemingly “simple” disputes include a number of pitfalls and complications that are ignored, overlooked or unknown to unrepresented parties.

Retaining Smith Legal LLC does not invite heightened conflict. The firm ensures that you have candid and seasoned advice, including options for amicable resolution that focuses on only your best interests.

One attorney cannot represent two parties with conflicting interests. At Smith Legal LLC, I strongly encourage individuals and businesses to have independent representation in any legal matter, including in amicable situations.


Why hire Smith Legal LLC?

Scott Smith of Smith Legal LLC is a highly experienced litigator and mediator in a variety of complex cases. He is also practical, candid and compassionate. He believes amicable resolution through settlement and mediation is usually the best route for any matter.

However, should any case require contested hearings or trials, attorney Smith has skilled advocacy and good relationships with courts and judges throughout the state of Indiana, and he works effectively in the adversarial process.

Mr. Smith is extremely responsive and values clients’ time and resources.


What is mediation?

Mediation is an alternative dispute resolution process in which parties negotiate amicable resolutions of their disputes. A mediator who oversees mediation is typically agreed upon by the parties to serve as a neutral facilitator between the parties.

During the typical mediation, the parties are separated in individual rooms with their respective attorneys, and the mediator shuttles (goes back and forth) between the two parties seeking common ground on all disputed issues. If the parties reach an agreement on any and all issues, those resolved issues are reduced to writing and submitted to the court for approval. Mediation is an incredibly successful and effective way for the parties to resolve cases and avoid stressful, expensive and uncertain litigation. Mediation results in the parties – rather than a judge – determining the outcome.


How do I pay you?

After confirming representation by signing a written agreement, Smith Legal LLC provides services only on a pay-as-you-go system. Advanced payments are placed in a trust account. Advanced payments are refundable to the extent the funds are not used for services rendered.

Smith Legal LLC does not accept payment plans or offer contingency arrangements for any case.


Do you take credit cards?

Yes, Smith Legal LLC accepts all major credit cards.


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These are merely a few questions that I hear every day. You can speak to me one-on-one about your other questions, thoughts and concerns. To schedule an initial consultation, call 317-953-2572 or send me an email.