Interior of the Office at Smith Legal LLC.



“Man, you are the absolute best. I freaking love the work that you did in there. I was so happy to be in person and witness what I had heard so much about from Eric Holcomb and others who agreed with his recommendation/referral. The reputation that precedes you is well deserved and earned Scott, thank you again.”

– Jimmy B. Feb. 2024

“Scott, I was very impressed with how you took control and asked all of the right questions on Monday. It made me feel lucky to have you on my side.”

– Brian L., December 2023

“Thank you Scott for your guidance and counsel.
By just saying I appreciate you… it somehow falls short. I am forever grateful for the time and effort that you put into my case. I am very aware that there were times that you worked on my case and researched for court precedence that you did not bill me for. I believe that your work ethic and the care and concern shown toward your clients shows the true moral compass that drives you. You are a lawyer that cares. I am very proud to have known you. I wish you the best in your career and family life and I pray that God will bless your life for the servant-heart you show every day.
Kindest regards, ”
– T.J. February 2023
“Thanks for all your help! I am thankful for your work and the manner in which it was done.”

– Glenn S., January 2023

“Excellent. Well you made all of this easy and painless!!”

– Kathryn O., October 2022

“Thank you so much for all your help. You guys have been wonderful.”

– Monique G., October 2022

“Thank you. Your are awesome”

– Ali M. May 26, 2022

“Thank you so much for everything. We couldn’t imagine we would be where we are today without you and we’ll never be able to say thank you enough.”

– Chris P., April. 29, 2022

“He is highly intelligent in his field, professional and calm demeanor. He is an excellent communicator and very thorough. Smith Legal made divorce process seamless and stress free! I would highly recommend him to anyone who wishes to employ his services.”

– Lea M.

“Thank you so very much for your hard work! You will come highly recommended to anyone that requires your services.

Thank you again.”

– Bryan P.

“Scott helped explain the process of my divorce and gave me a timeline of what to expect. He was easy to get a hold of and prompt with response time. Thank you so much for getting my divorce complete! I would absolutely recommend him!”

– Sara M., Oct. 17, 2019

“5 Stars!!”

– Michelle, Sept. 8, 2019

“Scott knows his stuff about divorce, answered all my questions well, and is very practical and forward-thinking.”

– Kathleen, Aug. 30, 2019

“Scott was very responsive and accommodated my schedule to talk with me about my potential divorce and family law issues.”

– Stephanie, Aug. 24, 2019


– Barb, July 31, 2019

“Scott made the legal process very clear and efficient. I appreciate his experience and knowledge in his field and how stress-free this experience has been.”

– Nitya, July 23, 2019

“Scott is knowledgeable, professional, supportive, easily approachable and tireless! He consistently kept me apprised throughout a long and tedious process to my recent successful case settlement. I could not have been more pleased with him as my lawyer from start to finish.”

– Julia, June 7, 2019

Smith Legal LLC did an amazing job representing me and my interests during my divorce proceedings. Scott and his team were always quick to respond to any questions I had and made the process easy to understand. I’d recommend Smith Legal LLC to anyone.”

– Emily, June 4, 2019

“Scott is great to work with and keeps things simple as possible. He responds quickly to emails and was flexible when scheduling calls and meetings.”

– Kathy, March 7, 2019

“Scott responded very promptly to any questions. He was professional and matter-of-fact. I also appreciate the fact that he is a Christian.”

– Cindy, Sept. 18, 2018

“Thank you so much for everything you did to make the process as smooth as possible. I greatly appreciate your knowledge and kindness.”

– Cindy, Aug. 30, 2018

“Scott, I just want to take the time to sincerely thank you for all of your hard work on my case. Thank you for helping me find a voice I had lost long ago! While I am not too confident the outcome will be in my favor, I am extremely confident you put forth your best effort on this insurmountable feat. This has been a long, hurtful process for me, but I would go through it a thousand times if it meant I could see my babies. (and talk to them more than once a year!) I am hoping for the best and looking forward to being reunited with my children. Thank You!!!”

– Samantha, Aug. 28, 2018

“I am a wedding photographer, and I needed some legal assistance with regard to my client contracts. Scott promptly returned all my emails and sat down with me in person to review my contract and go over my concerns/questions. He was extremely helpful and made sure my new contract was worded correctly in legal terms so that I would be covered in the event of a sticky situation. I feel much more confident in my business now that I know my contracts are the real deal! Thank you so much Smith Legal LLC.”

– Susan, Dec. 20, 2017

“Scott is very sincere, concerned about my issues.”

– Deborah, May 17, 2017

“I had the opportunity to have Scott Smith represent me in a complex legal matter recently. I was very impressed with him and pleased with the outcome. Scott is that rare lawyer who is extremely knowledgeable about the law, yet practical with his solutions while at the same time being compassionate with his clients. I highly recommend him and will send my friends to him whenever they ask for a recommendation.”

– Elizabeth, March 30, 2017

“My husband and I highly recommend the services of Scott Smith. We were dealing with an angry contractor and needing Scott’s services to help resolve a dispute and mechanics lien. He was timely, professional and made us feel as though we were part of the family. Nothing but absolute praise for one of the good guys!!!!!!”

– Maria, Mar 21, 2017

“I am so grateful and thankful that Scott Smith was my legal representative during what could have been a very stressful situation. Scott’s incredible communication, exceptional professionalism and thoughtful perseverance eliminated my anxiety until the conclusion of the case. If you ever find yourself in need of legal representation and want an attorney with ethical tenacity – then you do not need to keep looking…Scott Smith is a wonderful attorney!”

– Lori, Dec. 29, 2016

“Very happy with my experience. Scott did a great job of explaining everything from my paperwork to any possible outcome with my case.”

– Abby, Dec. 18, 2016