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Two Decades of Guiding Clients To Divorce Settlements

Divorce mediation is best for every couple and often required by court rules. Perhaps you tried mediation but did not get anywhere. Perhaps you feel that mediation will not work for you. In cases like these, it may be time to consider litigation.

As a trial lawyer, I have more than 19 years of experience representing my clients in family law courts throughout Indiana. My emphasis on achieving favorable outcomes has earned me a reputation for skill, knowledge, and success. When I handle your case, I prioritize, not only your triumph, but also your long-term emotional and financial well-being.

When Should I Consider Litigation?

How should you determine whether a trial is right for your divorce? After sitting down with me and speaking in-depth about your circumstances, we may decide to proceed to litigation if:

  • Your spouse refuses to compromise
  • You and your spouse are not on speaking terms
  • You and your spouse have tried mediation but cannot agree on key issues
  • Your marriage involved the presence of domestic abuse, mental illness or substance abuse
  • You would prefer to have a judge make major decisions for your divorce settlement

Generally, litigation is the last resort only when forms of alternative dispute resolution have not proven beneficial. I always prepare for the possibility of a trial – both to cover all contingencies and to have a strong position in negotiations.

Ask Me About A Divorce Trial

Litigation is nothing to rush into. Instead, schedule an initial consultation in which you can sit down with me in person, talk by audiovisual means or by phone, and have a detailed conversation about your situation and goals. I will help you determine whether litigation is the best choice for you. To contact me at Smith Legal LLC in Noblesville, call 317-953-2572 or send me an email.