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Divorce Mediation: What You Should Know

When ending a marriage, you will face a variety of choices. One of the most important is which method to select for your divorce. Divorce potentially involves litigation, which is often time-consuming and costly. Instead, you may wish to consider mediation to find a resolution without a contested trial.

I am Scott Smith, and I am both a registered mediator and a divorce attorney. Based in Noblesville, I can serve as a neutral mediator or as an advocate for my clients in divorce mediation sessions. When you are considering mediation for your divorce, speak with me to learn whether it is right the right option for you.

Why Choose Mediation?

Mediation is an expanding and often required step in family law matters, and has quickly grown in popularity and success. Though a contested bench trial is an effective way to terminate a marriage, alternative dispute resolution such as mediation offers several benefits:

  • Privacy: Court proceedings are necessarily public. Mediation allows you to keep your private issues private. The mediated settlement agreement does need to be filed with and approved by the court.
  • Cost-efficiency: Typically, mediation does not cost as much money as a trial does. Every case, though, is different.
  • Time-efficiency: Mediating a divorce also generally takes less time than litigating one. A high-conflict, contested case can last months, if not years.
  • Amicability: Finally, many couples find that mediation helps them maintain a more positive relationship.

Granted, not every couple can choose mediation. If your spouse is noncooperative or you cannot reach an agreement in mediation, you may wish to consider a trial. As a litigator, I can represent you effectively in court as well.

Learn More From Me About Divorce Mediation

Do you have more questions about mediation versus a trial? I would be happy to sit down with you personally, talk by audiovisual means or by phone, and have a detailed conversation about your situation and goals. You can call the office of Smith Legal LLC at 317-953-2572 or send me an email to schedule your initial consultation.