Can my family law case benefit by trying mediation?

Family law cases are frequently portrayed in the most negative light possible. This stems from the perception that any divorce, child custody dispute, battle over property and other legal concerns mirror what happens in prominent, high-profile cases. Indiana residents may have different experiences when they decided to end a marriage and move on. Of course, there are cases in which there is endless discord with no hope to build a bridge and reach a negotiated solution. In many cases; however, there is enough common ground to give family law mediation a try.

The basics of family law mediation

Mediation is part of the alternative dispute resolution (ADR) process. It is used for family law and other civil cases. The primary goal is to forge workable and acceptable solutions that both sides can accept while avoiding the time and cost of settling the matter in court. There is an impartial person who listens to both parties and tries to facilitate agreement. For example, if there is a dispute over who gets to keep a family home, one buying the other out could be a viable resolution that gives each side something for their trouble.

Mediation is beneficial because both sides are involved in the process and they have control over the outcome—something they will not have if the case goes before a judge. It can be completed in relatively short order so the sides can move on. It is cost-effective and might help the relationship remain cordial and even friendly. This could be positive when there are children from the marriage.

It is important to remember that not every case is suitable for mediation. If there were extreme difficulties and accusations between the spouses or there is a contentious child custody and support battle, it might be necessary to go to court.

For people who are not in the middle of a high-asset divorce and simply want to achieve a fair resolution without rancor, mediation could be of great benefit. Since so many people in Noblesville and the surrounding areas of Indiana work as professionals but are not inordinately wealthy, they will want to create a reasonable relationship with the other party for the good of the children, to save money on legal fees and simply move on from the marriage and start over.

Having professional help with deciding on what steps to take can be essential

Divorce and family law issues do not need to be argumentative and harsh. Naturally, the pieces must be in place for the parties to come to a negotiated agreement, particularly with emotional considerations with children. Still, family law mediation can help people feel as though they played an active role in the outcome and leave them believing they were empowered without leaving the other person feeling as if they got nothing from the settlement. This can also help with emotional stability.

It is always wise to have professional assistance throughout the case to determine if mediation can be effective and to guide them through the process. Consulting with caring, experienced and flexible professionals can be the first step toward reaching an acceptable conclusion with a mediated divorce.