Skilled Mediation For Complex Business Disputes And Litigation

The success of a business entity often hinges on securing a favorable resolution to a dispute. In some cases, a problem may even lead to civil litigation. In instances like these, cost-effective dispute resolution and skilled legal counsel are critical.

At Smith Legal LLC in Noblesville, Hamilton County, I am dedicated to assisting clients in resolving a variety of complex business disputes. With extensive experience in mediation, I can serve as a mediator or represent your business in mediation and litigation. Read what my previous clients have to say about Smith Legal LLC.

Contract Drafting

Contracts are the key to all business relationships. The days of handshakes are long gone. Well-written, understandable and comprehensive agreements are key to establishing obligations and protecting your business.

Smith Legal LLC drafts, reviews and negotiates all types of business contracts, such as employment agreements, noncompetes (covenants not to compete), confidentiality provisions, nondisparagement terms, letters of intent, service and product agreements, vendor agreements, real estate or product purchases, commercial rental agreements, operating agreements, business formation agreements, investment agreements and other miscellaneous industry-specific contracts.

Business Litigation

If your business faces any dispute that could require intervention by a court, Smith Legal LLC will offer business litigation representation as well as dispute resolution services through mediation. Business litigation should not distract business owners from their primary focus of providing services and/or products and generating profit.

Good business judgment necessitates the retention of an experienced business attorney with a proven track record of navigating business owners through conflicts that may lead to the courtroom.

Smith Legal LLC represents a significant number of businesses, currently assisting them in resolving complicated disputes with competing businesses, client complaints or collections, vendor issues and other business matters. Smith Legal LLC offers mediation as well as courtroom advocacy for any small to midsize business.

Noncompete Agreements

Noncompete agreements, also referred to as covenants not to compete or noncompetition clauses, present a critically important benefit to businesses that are often overlooked or improperly drafted.

A properly drafted noncompete provision protects a company from investing in and training employees only to find those efforts resulting in additional competition when those employees separate from an employment voluntarily or involuntarily.

A noncompete clause must include appropriate terms on time, geography and activities, which will result in prohibiting former employees from utilizing the trade secrets, business practices and know-how that businesses imparted on the employees.

Noncompete agreements not only discourage employee turnover but also include, if properly drafted, terms for nonsolicitation, nondisparagement, and protection of trade secrets and confidential business information.


Businesses often need an effective and expeditious method to address and fully resolve disputes. Mediation is the key to achieve the unique and important goals of businesses, which include avoiding loss and focusing on moving forward with generating profit.

The entire legal system is ultimately aimed at resolving disputes. Unlike court, mediation allows the parties to determine their own fate in a confidential process through compromise and agreement. A mediated agreement, once approved, is enforceable by the court. The value of resolution, without the costs, stress and uncertainties of litigation, is immeasurable.

With mediation suites located in historic SmithHouse, the mediation process takes place in a unique setting where parties are separated on first and second stories, in private suites, each with separate restroom facilities, private and comfortable accommodations, Wi-Fi access, free coffee and soft drinks. SmithHouse allows easy access to Noblesville businesses, the Hamilton County Judicial Center and government offices. Downtown Indianapolis is only 40 minutes away.

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